Mocking Bird

Brick walls unite in solidarity
Or so I’ve heard
When their foundations
So absurd
Secured upon the very Word
That cuts their souls adrift
Feel the solvent waters
Lapping at their sound construction

I came across
One Such A Wall
Long and Straight
And Very Tall
Commanding the Waters
To Divide or Fall
And join the Ranks
Above It All

I tried to reason, softly
With the Wall
To allow some flecks a passage
Through its facade
So that it could flex
In resonant communion
Of One World With Its Other
A mutually corresponding Identity
Incompletely defined

But my words rebounded
In mocking echo
A harshly edited reflection
Of my dejection
A judgement of scorn
Not gladly borne beyond
Into dynamic Synthesis

I saw a bird
Bestride the Wall
Glorifying in the Sunder
Of It All

Looking first this way
Then That
Preening its coat of many colours
Calling Out in strident language

Don’t you know
You stupid Fool
That Love’s reception is not cool
When this is what It is
To be or not to be
Where It’s At

The bird’s forked tongue
Flickered freely
As it cast its spell
Of false dichotomy
Upon the nature of its source
In all around

I heard a rumbling
Far below
Some undercurrent
Of the Flow
In swirling eddies
Round the pillars
That Underpinned
The Wall’s hard lining

So that it began
To Quake
And crumple
Stirred Up
By the shaky ground

The bird took flight
Into the open sky
Beyond the Wall

It wheeled and spiraled
Above my head
Dancing on some unseen softness
That brought it safely back to ground

To pick its way
And feed on life released
Amongst the rubble
That once had stood
In the way of One World and Its Mother

Until I caught a glimpse of being caught
In its glassy eye’s reflection
And found
At last
A sign
Of welcome
All mocking gone

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