Looking Both Ways

From inside-out
Our gaze is boundless, endless,
Never complete
We sense the enormity of the eternity
In which we belong

From outside-in
Our gaze is truncated
At the surfaces of our own and others’ bodies
We sense the smallness
Within which our lives and others are contained

Each gaze tells its own story
Contradicting the other

Until we look both ways
And put the two together
In mutual admiration

Then something wonderful happens
We come to know our selves
From inside-out and outside-in
As the reality we are

Space embraced by light
Light embraced by space
Each including the other
In endless co-creation
Distinct but never separate

Timely embodiments of timeless space
Never alone
Never all one
Keeping ourselves to ourselves
In the natural companionship of one another’s neighbourhood

We are not units of selection
Made from units of selection
Objects, machines or building blocks of life
Pushed and pulled around or put together
By external force of God or Nature

We are children of Light and Darkness
Offspring of their Love

And, to know this
We only have to look both ways
Not one or other alone

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