A reflection upon the evolutionary inversion from aquatic to terrestrial life.

I used to be Within the Sea

An identity Of You and Me

Submerged In Commonality Of Sounding

Between Airy Heights And Bottom Depths

Waving Correspondence

Through Inseparable Togetherness Of Content with Context.

But, Now, Dry

Abstracted Space comes between Us

A separating distance

An unbecoming Outside

Alienating Forms As Fixtures

Stranded in Isolation; Entities



Oblivious of Our Belonging Together.


Now, moving Fast

Not Languidly

Tans our Hides

Protecting Our Inner Spaces Against its own Consuming Presence

Supporting Combustion

Burning Us Out.

But all this sealing

Removes Our Feeling

Setting Our Content At Odds with Our Context

So that we push Against the Pull

With Backs to Front

Itching to Relieve Unbearable Friction.

And So Now Just Let’s Go

And, with Loving Fear

Dive into the Clear

And Swim Where it’s Cool

To be In With the Pool Together.

landed stranded alan rayner occurrity
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