Joy & Terror in Human Error

Who doesn’t know
The joy and terror
In human error
That swirls and curls
Around our core?
The way of life
Reaching around
And far beyond
The dotted line
Risking all
For freedom’s sake
And in that faithful break
Experiencing delight
In serendipity
Experiencing grief
In misadventure
The sweet-bitter taste of doubt
That calls us to care
For each in other
With human understanding
The wisdom of compassion
In trusting companionship
Until that cultural tyranny arises
Which breeds the fear of catastrophic failure
While worshipping success
Defined in its own terms
Along the dotted line
That severs each from other
In hateful schism
Holding us alone
Responsible for our crimes of non-conformity
Not daring to breathe
In case of being found out
For being who we are
That’s when terror reigns supreme
And joy deserts the scene
As we become obscene
Holding our souls to ransom
Obliged to pay our dues
To those who rule the waves
With hard-line rods and staves
Until their empires fall
Beneath contempt
At fearful cost to All

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