Why would anyone in this wide-eyed world
Want to possess anything?
When all that’s needed
To live, to love, to be loved
In natural beauty
Is here for us to share and care for
From there to here in everywhere
Out in the open air
If it weren’t for some deep insecurity
That cuts us off by mental fiat
As free-willed figures
From our ground
To wander lost, not found
In fearful isolation
Clinging to whatever comes to hand
In material disguise
To stop us falling
When all around, throughout and deep within
Our lively bodies
Our ground keeps calling to be heard
In silence, if not in spoken word
To release us from our guard
Against what threatens our pretence
To be or not to be
This side or other of the fence
That pens us in and others out
And allow ourselves instead
To be as we become
As we are in this world as it is
And always have and has been
And always will be
Manifestations of space and light
In mutual embrace
Not opposition
For then we’ll know
And know for sure
That every act of war
Is an act of cowardice
Nothing more

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