Innermost Calling

Within every living soul
Is an innermost calling
To include and be included
In the life and love of all
Around its self
A yearning to belong
In natural communion
Reaching inwards
Reaching outwards
A deep receptivity
That cannot be seen
It can only be felt
As it calls into life
What cannot be seen
Until it comes to life
In radiant form
The zero within one within all
The stillness included in motion in stillness
Making music together
In every living body
A calling that needs to be heard
In the silence
That enshrouds and permeates us
Neither shut in nor shut out
From the realm of our imaginations
For when it’s ignored
In rational pursuit
To know what can’t be known
To control what can’t be controlled
Our souls will rebel
And give us Hell
Until and unless
We learn to listen

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