You could think of this drawing in terms of a red, singular, tornado-like figure, set in opposition to its white background, diving through the surface of a blue sea of receptivity, and transforming therein to a purple (red in blue/blue in red) inclusion of each in the otherness (figure/energy in space and space in figure/energy). You could also think of it in terms of the relationship between tangible and intangible presence, and between conscious and unconscious awareness. You may notice that in the midst of this form is a channel or cavity of space that energy can circulate around, like winds around a tornado, but in which it cannot linger. This relates to a point that I sometimes make about the paradoxical conflation of ‘1’ and ‘0’ and opposition of ‘plus’ (+) and minus (-) in the foundations of conventional mathematical logic. Such conflation and opposition arise from the unnatural imposition of definitive singularity onto form as a material abstraction from its spatial context. This imposition leads us to focus on both numerical and geometric figures in isolation from or as complete enclosures of space, instead of dynamic inclusions of space.

infundibular alan rayner occurrity
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