In Spiral Inclusion

How hard it is to be soft
Like a copper screw
In a culture of steel nails
Managed by hammerheads

Dead-eyed sharks
Whose only recourse
To keep you on a straight and narrow course
Is to hammer you on the head
In short, sharp shocks
That rip the fabric of your inclusion
Into shreds

All for the sake of a quick fix
At their convenience
Which cannot acknowledge
What you bring
By way of conductivity and connectivity
In a natural communion
From everywhere into somewhere

An ingrowing spiral
From a slot receptive to turning
Around and around
Pooling together

What should never be split
By an arrow of time
That punches a hole
To admit the whole
That calls itself One
Alone without neighbouring
To slip in and slip out
In the short term
Without holding together
In the long run

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