I’m a Perceiver

I’m a Perceiver
Not a Believer

I do not worship
At the altar of idols or ideals
Superhumans or conceptions of perfection
That have no place in real life
Except as archetypal myths
That signpost the limits of our travels

Rather, I worship
At the hearth of what comes naturally
Through my sense and sensibility
In sight, sounds, smell, taste, touch and balance
Along with feelings of joy, pain, need, fear, calm, excitement and irritation
All combined in my bodily experience
As I learn what is and isn’t possible
What is and isn’t reasonable
In the world of my imagination

Those are the grounds of my faith
In my self and yours
As natural inclusions of life in love
And love in life
Energetic flux and spatial stillness
In receptive & responsive relationship
Not solitary figure(s)
Etched in everlasting stone

If this faith singles me out
From the vast majority
Then, so be it
Despite the irony

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