Illuminating Moment

I came across a flower
It flowed into my life
Its face beamed out a message
Cast from sunlight taken up
And spun around in Shadow
That none could see within

I ached to feel its yearning
For the passion fruit of learning
That relieves its heart from burning
With the secret of life’s churning

Around and around
Its figurative resound
Including spatial ground
In bodily unbound
By fixing stake to mound

But rooting soil to branch
Through secret inner channels
Drawing water through their straws
To slake the thirst of air
For what was lost in rain

I wondered how such presence
Could make her presents felt
Without some outer shining
To keep her inside turning
With compassion for her mate
To bring to life her offspring
In fields of open space

Just then the sun came dancing
And played on horses prancing
With delighted sideways glancing
Of panoramic life-enhancing
Flows in turns entrancing

And in that moment’s simmering
Illumination found me
Alight with inner darkness
With darkness spinning light
Receptive in the yearning
Responsive in the burning
Reflective in the turning
Of Love that comes with Life

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