Heady Abstraction; Heartfelt Inference

Can you feel the way you see yourself and others
Within the cavity of your heart
Improvising your way through life
In receptive response to your encounters
Attuned with changing circumstance?
Or does what you see leave you cold and calculating
Your way ahead
In predictable trajectory
Toward some distant goal?
Do you live in hope or expectation?
Which promises and disappoints you most –
And what do you love and fear more?
There is all the difference in the world
Between the heady abstraction
Which fears the wildness of life,
Trying to keep it domesticated
Under lock and key within four walls,
And the heartfelt inference
Which loves the wildness of life
Caring for its whims and needs
In free-flowing form
Each seeks simplicity
But of a vastly different kind
Heady abstraction simply falsifies
Its own experience
By singling out
In isolated numerical and geometric figures
What occurs somewhere in tangible, finite quantity
From what occurs everywhere
As intangible, infinite quality
Hence dividing or uniting
The resistive inertia of substance
From or with
The frictionless stillness of space
In motionless, emotionless stand-off
Of rock and hard place
Moved only by ineffable force
From elsewhere
Heartfelt inference truly simplifies
Its own experience
By envisaging beneath and beyond all surfaces
The dance of responsive motion around receptive stillness
within every substance
That spins it into material form
The wheeling dance of delight in darkness
That makes your heart skip
To its own pulsating beat
Doesn’t it?

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