Good Reason
How to Return to Our Senses

Good Reason
Makes natural sense of how we actually are
In the world as it actually is
Based on our actual experience of living
As we actually do
In the midst of our natural neighbourhood
Not set apart from it
In some other-worldly frame
That makes non-sense of all we actually know
In our minds, hearts, guts and skins

Good Reason
Brings our Thinking and Feeling
Together with Our Sensing and Intuition
It doesn’t split each from the other
In separate, sealed containers
For to do that
Simply makes non-sense of all we actually know
In our skins, guts, hearts and minds
For no good reason

Good Reason
Brings our cognitive awareness of physical form and movement
And our emotional awareness of love, fear, sorrow and joy
And our experiential awareness of natural recurrences
And our sensory awareness of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting,
Balancing, hurting and feeling comfortable
All imaginatively combined
In comprehensive awareness of how we actually are
In the world as it actually is –
A natural coming together of energy and space
Included in each other’s embrace –
A dance of receptivity and responsiveness
Bringing into sentient flesh
A natural communion of Liveliness and Grace

Thinking split from feeling
Creates a world of angst
Where thoughtless feeling
Collides with feelingless thought
Irrationality at odds with rationality
With neither making sense of our natural experience of life
In present tense
And instead making an absolute hash of it

So, now as our world carries us in ceaseless turns
Let’s have Good Reason
For returning to our senses
And living once again
A life in love with feeling
Not failing to abide
With how we naturally are
In the world as it naturally is

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