Following Each Other’s Footsteps

Some might aspire
To climb on other’s shoulders
Whence to gain an elevated view
Atop a stack of figures
Perched precariously
From pinnacle to ground
Where ground is All below
Lost from near in sight
By far out of sight
Distanced from feeling
The thick of life

Where down to Earth
The dew hangs heavy
Grass grows tall
The humid forest yawns
Smelling of humus
Blanketed by mosses
Bedecked with ferns
Pervaded by slithering, rustling, stamping
Resounding with squawks, barks, twitters

One feels so small
Within it all
Seeking safe passage
From here to there in everywhere
Trampling over undergrowth
Tunnelling under overgrowth
Revealing the space
Of no resistance
Waiting quietly
Throughout and about us all

So we follow
In each other’s footsteps
Easing the path
Others can take
Through striding the wake
From lonely foot fall
Made by the first brave sole
Bumped off course
By those coming
Thicker and faster
From behind

Our river flows
Drawing through tributaries
Passing through deltas
Meandering sleepily
Supplied in torrents
Etching the landscape
Rebuilding banks
Never ever ending
With infinity in sight
No, nothing to lose
From standing Proud and Tall
Above them all

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