Focus and Circumspection

We have eyes on the front of our faces
Giving us binocular vision
We have fingers and thumbs
Enabling us to grasp and throw
We have massive frontal brain lobes
Helping is to focus our attention
All of which make us great
At sorting wheat from chaff
And singling out the prey and fruit and vegetables
That keep us alive
And hunger at bay
As we make our way
Through the wildness of life

But there comes a day
When we feel the need
To be at home
As well as away
To be settled
Not always on the move
And for that we need
A different kind of vision
A circumspection
Including ourselves
Within what’s all around us
A panorama
That can only come circumferentially
In sharing circles of view
And deep introspection
From me into you
And you into me
Until we can see
Both inwards and outwards
Radially and tangentially
Quite naturally
In very good company

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