Inspired by Lere Shakunle’s transfigural mathematics, this painting illustrates the continuous ‘superchannel’ formed by the reciprocal flow of overlapping circulations into and out from one another in a ‘multiple Mandorla’. The central horizontal panel is a superchannel of reciprocal inflows and outflows amongst overlapping local energetic spheres of non-local spatial influence. The ferns and seahorses represent underwater and terrestrial forms of spiral flow-geometry. The continuous superchannel spatially expands the discrete, one dimensional, purely material line comprising contiguous but spatially discontinuous and dimensionless point-masses upon which classical and modern mathematics are founded. Each discrete point is transfigured from a static, lifeless entity into a dynamic, breathing identity as a local informational sphere of non-local spatial influence; a ‘Breathing Point’. The breathing points reciprocally inspire from and expire to their immediate neighbors, creating a double helical energy flow and counterflow through coupled numerical neighborhoods of three, reminiscent of the chemical configuration of DNA.

flow and counterflow alan rayner occurrity
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