Flame and Fountain

My Life, My Psyche
Is a Flame
And a Fountain
A marriage of Entropy and Energy
Receptive Darkness and Responsive Light
Transparent Silence and Flowing Sound
Awaiting the Possibility
To Come Together
In Flower and Shower

Carefully tended
It can illuminate and warm
It can refresh and cool

Abused or neglected
It can burn and extinguish
It can freeze and drench

Yes, my life, my psyche is a flame and a fountain
And so too is yours
Together we play
With fire and water
In the draughty air of the future
Feeding from our earthy past
Immersed in the ever-present Grace
The holding Space
That permeates and bathes us –
But we need to play carefully
With one another
If Life is to Flourish
And Love is to last

a flame and a fountain alan rayner occurrity
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