Fear Is In Love

Fear is in Love
Love is in Fear
Life is love electrified
By current that loops
Into and out
From all bodily forms
The light in the dark
The dark in the light
The pain in the gain
The release in the loss
The peace in the joy
The joy in the peace
The calm in the storm
The storm in the calm
The suffering in the heart of the delight
The delight in the heart of the suffering
To know this brings kindness
To know this brings care
To know this brings hope
In the depth of despair
To know this brings trust
In what comes to pass
Along the way of needs must
Come first and come last
What makes it insufferable
What makes it a curse
Is telling tall stories
Pitting best against worst
That call us to war
With the way that we are
In the world as it is –
Neither one nor the other
In singular stance
But both in the dance
Between stillness and motion
Enlivening the ocean
In mutual trance

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