Failing to Comply With the Fear of Failing

Please don’t berate yourself
For failing to protect your self
From the fear of failing
By doing its bidding
Which calls you to comply
With inhuman demands
Or else
The fear that creeps in
Beneath your skin
Catching you unaware
When you feel under pressure
To do what you must
To survive
In what you’ve been told
Is life’s struggle to exist
Against all odds
And so preoccupies and tires your minder
That it can’t sustain
Its focus on what you’re doing
And wanders instead
Into realms of self doubt
Craving reassurance
Allowing more fear to creep in
In self-amplifying loop
Until it goes bust
In its own protection racket
Please kindly consider instead
The flowing reality
In your humanity
That doesn’t keep count
Or commit to recall
As it passes its time
Simply doing its best
To be and do
What’s good for you and the rest
As it goes along in tune with current
Without stopping to think
What might go wrong in a blink
And allows what’s happening
To be as it becomes
In your safe-keeping
Not what might have been
Or what could yet arise
To block its passage
With fearful self-disregard

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