How does it feel
And what does it mean
To be excited?
Do you feel it in your bones
In your brain
In your gut
In your heart
In your gonads?
In which case
How do these places feel about it
And how would you know how they feel
Without imagining your self within them?
Is excitation something you can measure
In units of mass, speed and size?
If not, why not?
Is excitation essential to life?
If not, where would we be without it?
Could we be anywhere
Other than nowhere and everywhere at once?
What kind of existence would that be?
Devoid of form and movement
Other than the void itself –
That limitless expanse of frictionless space
Universal darkness, stillness, transparency, timelessness
Absolute nothingness
The infinite presence of absence
That can only be what it is
And never become what it could be
Without excitation
Intangible motion
The essence of time
Energy flow
From incoherence to coherence to incoherence
Heat and light
Chaos and order
Entropy and negentropy
Disinformation and information
Degeneration and generation
In regeneration
Betwixt and enveloping
All material form
In local gravitational in levitational
Receptive in responsive
But not in itself
Having mass, speed or size
Pure motion
Looking for somewhere to go
Awaiting manifestation
To make something of life
Something of light
That can be seen and touched
Both material and immaterial
In natural flow-form
In animal, vegetable, fungal, bacterial and mineral
In solid, liquid, gas and plasma
Suffused by void
Calling into place in time
Both tangible and intangible
Measurable and immeasurable
Neither one or other
Nor all one

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