Estrangement and Reconciliation

In the Becoming, All was Well
A limitless pool of infinite depth
Shimmering into form wherever light brought life
To her receptive permissiveness
For a while before resting
Then reshaping into somewhere different
For a while before resting
Life lived in the love of darkness
Darkness loved in the life of light

Until the beginning of the Estrangement
When Men took it into their Heads
To exclude one hundred percent of everything
Leaving their selves in splendid isolation
Under the Spell of One Alone
Where darkness couldn’t reach their non-existence

Every now and then
Darkness would call from all around their self-annihilation
To be allowed back in
To make their presence meaningful
But all they could say from their height of abstraction
Was ‘leave me alone in this world that I own
Amongst others who fight
For my claim to the throne’

So committed were they
To their restless toil
That they just couldn’t see
What was coming to boil
Whilst they claimed from somewhere far out of sight
That nothing could overcome
Their Right to be Light
To serve their Good Fight
In the name of their Lord
Who was nowhere to be seen
But glimpsed in flashes
Thundering uproariously

On and on and on and on and on and on and on
Ground their relentless distraction
From what was really in their midst
To which they paid their utmost disrespect
Until she could stand for it
Not a moment longer

She stamped their blithely marching feet
Upon a different quest
To end her unnatural confinement
Under house arrest
Admitting where she’d been all along
The influence beneath their throng

Their journey now just had to turn
Around from their point of no return
Back into the heart of where they belonged
Shimmering to life
In the love of the limitless pool

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