You may live the dream
But I am living the loss
As all that I have strived for
By way of fruitful harvest
And contentment
Is diminished by predatory instincts
Ripping flesh from bone
Without a care for what remains
In a place no longer home
Yearning for reclamation
But finding none
In the neglect of those once nurtured
And the shrieks of pain and fear
In those most near
So where can one go from here?
In this barren landscape of uprooted soul
Blown hither and thither like tumbleweed
Belonging nowhere, it seems
All that’s left is to call a halt
Lie low
Dig deep
Let go
These last remaining embers
Into the tuneless wind
But, what’s this I feel?
Warming my withering skin
Bringing new stirrings of life
Into corpuscles of motion
Urging my forlorn spirit
To reclaim its self-relief
Say what it has to say
Knowing full well it’s fallibility
Yet using that to bring renewal
Into the bright light of day

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