I view the sun
Through outstretched fingers
Of my child’s hand
And my child’s eyes
Are filled with wonder

What seemed so hard-edged –
So sharply defined
Is no thing of the sort

I see dark
I see light
I see red
In blurry transition
From each into other

When I cut myself
The redness flows
From inside to outside
From dark into light
Through my severed skin
Which holds me within
Its tender envelope –
My life’s fluid
Container and sustainer

When I sun myself
I feel the warmth
Coming inside from outside
From light into dark
Where I reside
Through my permissive skin
Which welcomes in
What sustains and comforts
My life within

I behold a leaf
With leaflets splayed
For taking in
The sun’s red light
Through its breathing skin
Which holds within
Its living story –
Green with craving-
Spread through veins
From root to branch
And back again

And my adult’s heart leaps

dark and light flesh and blood alan rayner occurrity
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