Current flows through time
Time flows through current
Current is time
Endlessly circulating within and pulsing between
Enlivened by current
Suspended in Space
That everlasting Grace
That simply receives whatever comes and goes
Without judgement
For what it is
As an expression of current

And so life arrives and passes
In curves and trajectories
Around and across the gentle void
That allows it to be and become
As it currently is
Without feeling its heat –
That burning agitation
Which comes with the resistance to current
That is current itself

All is well
And all will be well
Until and unless
We take it upon ourselves
To deny the current
Its space-filled home
And seek to control it within fixtures
Cut out of place
Whereupon we can never forgive ourselves
For being and becoming
As we naturally are
And live instead
At odds with our neighbourhood
Until our neighbourhood reclaims
Our mortal remains
And life passes on to its next instalment

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