A Simple Message

A simple message breathes into Mind. Immerse your Self in the Receptive Stillness of Space, Within Life,

As the Wind Blows Through Me

I am that empty tortoise shell This resonating chamber Made receptive by hollowing out, Which opens up when troubled or awakened By Apollo’s certain put-me-downs To let the wind blow through me As his lips play upon my voice Vibrating my heart strings In empathic response Making music, Making verse, Making Art, Or, something worse […]

Broken Tree Shelters

Broken tree shelters Split and cast aside By growing bodies That they had been set in place

Busyness, As Usual

He looked up at me, with dulled, mournful eyes Torn momentarily from his job in hand By my tacit intrusion ‘What do you want?’ He asked ‘I want you to see through what you’re doing’ I replied ‘So that you can have a life Beyond your passing of time from cradle to grave Where you […]

Child of Reason

I feel I cannot think Of My Self alone As wise For there can be no wise One alone I am not wise I am a child of suffering Whose childful yearning Is to lighten the load Imposed by those who goad Us on our way By means of fearful refutation Of all that they […]


Current flows through time Time flows through current Current is time Endlessly circulating within and pulsing between Bodies Enlivened by current Suspended in Space That everlasting Grace That simply receives whatever comes and goes Without judgement For what it is As an expression of current And so life arrives and passes In curves and trajectories […]

Estrangement and Reconciliation

In the Becoming, All was Well A limitless pool of infinite depth Shimmering into form wherever light brought life To her receptive permissiveness For a while before resting Then reshaping into somewhere different For a while before resting Life lived in the love of darkness Darkness loved in the life of light Until the beginning […]

Flowers Flower

Flowers don’t care to be ignored Flowers flower To drink in welcome visitors So that they may wine and dine On nectar and pollen Held within colourful advertising Awaiting distribution of coded messages From here to there Where they can be taken in and take root In newly emerging possibilities Travelling far and wide No, […]

Following Each Other’s Footsteps

Some might aspire To climb on other’s shoulders Whence to gain an elevated view Atop a stack of figures Perched precariously From pinnacle to ground Where ground is All below Lost from near in sight By far out of sight Distanced from feeling The thick of life Where down to Earth The dew hangs heavy […]

The Return of the Native

Imagine yourself Born under cover of darkness In the shade of an umbrella Pierced by peepholes Into an other-worldly radiance That shines on coralline ocean Lapping up the shifting shores of landscape Flowing in rocks and water Air and fire streams Breathed in and breathed out By life itself As endless variety In this place […]