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alan rayner's 1999 book degrees of freedom living in dynamic boundaries

Degrees of Freedom: Living in Dynamic Boundaries

This book explains how uncertainty in living systems enables us to thrive in constantly changing circumstances. Highlighting the importance of the interplay of associative and dissociative processes.

naturesscope 2011 book by alan rayner about the origin of natural inclusion

NaturesScope: Unlocking Our Natural Empathy and Creativity

For millennia, we have attempted to understand and educate ourselves about nature through our own perspective, using telescopes, microscopes, and our own eyesight. This leads us to view nature as an objective, rigidly framed entity that exists outside of us, on which we project our own psychology. However, this one-sided perspective has caused deep conflicts with our relationship of nature and with each other. “NaturesScope” offers a new perspective, from the viewpoint of nature itself, which brings humans and the world into a more compassionate and passionate relationship.

the 2017 book by alan rayner the origin of life patterns in the natural inclusion of space in flux

The Origin of Life Patterns: In the Natural Inclusion of Space in Flux

This book delves into the realm of human psychology and the evolution of living systems, challenging the conventional notion of space and boundaries as rigid and discrete entities. Instead, the author presents them as sources of continuous flow and dynamic distinction, offering a fresh perspective on evolution as a fluid exploration of renewing possibilities.