Biophilia and Biophobia

No, I do not feel excluded from Nature
On the contrary
Nature is a source of joy, inspiration, wisdom and life itself
For me
Not to mention danger, pain and death
Yes, I do feel that all I have lived and loved and worked for
Is excluded by human abstraction
Which appears in many guises
Overt and covert
Pedantic and romantic
In part and as a whole
Separately and connectively
As a source of great dismay, ostracism and utter nonsense
For me
Not to mention danger, pain and death
In this topsy-turvy land
Where human success is natural failure
So you may not find my self-expressions
To be entirely delight-full
Does that surprise or repel you?
Or could it be that in your heart of hearts
You feel the same way
Should you dare enough and care enough
To admit it?

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