Beyond Objectification

Alan Rayner
Alan Rayner

Evolutionary ecologist, painter, author, and poet

A mutual inclusion of strength and weakness.

We will get nowhere fast in our efforts to develop a more loving and sustainable way of life until and unless we STOP objectifying one another and Nature.

As Michael Polyani (1958) put it: “For once men have been made to realize the crippling mutilations imposed by an objectivist framework — once the veil of ambiguities covering up these mutilations has been definitely dissolved — many fresh minds will turn to the task of reinterpreting the world as it is, and as it then once more will be seen to be.”

The way out of this self-crippling is clear. See for example:

Rayner, A (2020) Cold & Warm Geometry: How Rigid and Fluid Structures Affect Our Human Relationships and Sense of Self


Rayner, A (2020) From abstract freeze-frame to natural kinship


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