Beneath The Surface of the See


What happens
When what you see
Doesn’t stop
At the surface of what you see?

When all around
Extends within
Taking its bounty
Within sight unsound
To be turned around
In spinning dance
And returned once more
Beyond the core

That place within the mirror’s surface
Where all reflection
Is no deflection
But recollection
Of what comes and goes
Through all that flows

What place then
For what comes between
The sight from outside
And the sight unseen?

Is it pure mirage?
This sweet resistance
That holds openness within
Its shimmering grasp
And dances into endless figures
Without having to clasp
Their fiery breath
Within the solitary confinement
Of imprisoning rigours

No, these are no prison walls
These shivering quiverings
That take life in
To spin it out
From the focus of their inclusive attention
Where infinity is held
Receptively, in responsive tension

No corners here
Except when frozen
Into the still life of crystalline beauty
Awaiting the kiss of life’s re-awakening
When infinity returns
To melt a way in

No rigid floor
On which to bottom out
What’s present throughout
In the bottomless pit
Of everlasting doubt
Which is where we sit
In our easy chairs
Lounging in the splendour
Of all that cares

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