Being Ignored

There’s nothing more upsetting
Than being ignored
When that receptive calling for what we need –
Food, water, knowledge, understanding, love –
To keep us alive
Dwelling in the seat of souls
Goes unheard
By blithe spirits
Certain of their prowess
Soaring above us all
With heads in the clouds
Excised from bodily belonging
In natural neighbourhood
Talking down to us
In superior tones
From outside
Like airy fairies
Lacking substance
While seeing only what’s made to measure
Unaware of how we feel and what we know inside
Our embodied inner vision
Which we could tell them if they asked
In return for their overarching view of where we are
In relationship to others
Only to plummet, wingless
Down to Earth
Leaving us all at sea
In abandoned ships
Where all that remains for us to say
In deep dismay
Too late now for them to hear
“I’m sorry, but I told you so
You’ve gone too far away from me
For me to help
You see
Within your selves”
We could have gone somewhere together
You and Me
If only you had heard
My silenced word
Which is no consolation at all
For having to bear witness
To your fall
Spreading havoc
Amongst us all

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