Beginning of the Ending

The Beginning of the End
Was in the division of the divisible
From the indivisible
Whereupon All became One or Many
Figures alone
Without neighbourhood
To call their home
Wanderers in desolation
Individually or Collectively
At odds with each other and world
Calling themselves free
To choose what they want
While captivated by their devotion
To false ideals
In parts and wholes
Cut out from natural continuity
By definition
In made-to measure boxes
Filled with discontent
That human disease of mind
Which destroys its peace in pieces
Telling us we have to be unkind
To stay afloat
By profiting from others’ loss
In a world of double bind
Where need gives way to greed
Care gives way to fear
Sharing gives way to keeping
And all of incalculable natural value
By way of life, love and beauty
Gives way to what it’s worth
In a fickle marketplace
Where fashion calls the shots
Between what’s in or out
Who has and who has not
Until the beginning of the ending
In openings through the wall
That holds us all in thrall
And figures yield to spatial ground
In energetic greetings
From me to you
From us to them
From here to there
To everywhere
As love returns with interest

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