How May I Take This In?


How may I take this in?
The silence beyond and before
The commotion of locomotion
The cacophony of the din
That heralds and applauds
Pressing presence
In the gift of the moment

Pinpricks of brightly coloured light
Piercing the conscience
Of darkness
Loving and foreboding
Making a meal
Of expectations
Of memories
That feed on repast

Roasted nostalgia
Caught in aromas
Of now and then
Repeated amongst shadows
Of afterthought
Reflecting experience
Of fading presences
Bent on resurgence

The calmness of tension
That aches to be soothed
Whilst lacking reassurance
And so reaches not to the Spirit
Of Christmas past and turbulent
But for that Spirit of the kind
That idles distilled
In slow swirls caressing
The bottom of a glass


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‘Stitches in Time’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2020)

Stitching in Time

Every moment is a turning point In ever-present current Carrying life across the gaps In human memory From future into past Without a pause for

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