Teacher’s Joy

There is a kind of yearning
That delights in opening out
Accepting its needful readiness
For anything that is in your mind
To come to life in theirs

You allow every possibility
For entrance through
That open pupil
Of wide-eyed receptivity
That welcomes your wits
Within its willing regard

You dance
You sing
You do your thing
And still no thing
Gets taken in
Within the spin
Of their broad grin

Delighting in recollection
All winding up
Whilst winding loose
With eyebrows curling
Into their own true story
Aware of all
That lies within
The wonderland of your travails

What cannot be done
When feeling such currents of shade and light
By flying from the face
Of utter denial
Without the need
To force a smile,
Lifting your self
From the whole
Of hide-bound promise
Flocked in sundry disarray
Beyond the cliff
Where flight takes fright
Dipping beneath the reach
Of over-ruling might

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