Relinquishing Hope

Sometimes I feel it helps
To relinquish the hope
That somehow good will come of all this
And in that sense of loss
To find relief
A lightening of burden
Leaving nothing more to be said and done
Besides nothing
But then as the moment passes
Into vacancy
So spirit evaporates
Into nowhere
Leaving no-one here
Besides what once was
And so I regather my self together
Recalling the drifting mist
Into flow-formation
To say and do
What needs to be said and done
If life is to flourish
Not flounder
But then I see you
Carrying on regardless
Sticking to the same old story
That ends in catastrophe
And I feel it helps
To relinquish hope

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Radiant Receptivity

To be a Guiding Light of Life Radiating into Darkness One needs to Receive the Light of Life From out of Darkness Into Flowing, Flowering

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