As needful living beings –
Centres of receptive in responsive awareness
Inspiring and expiring
From our outer to inner
And inner to outer
We can never be complete
Whole numbers
Apart from where we belong
As dynamical figures
In natural neighbourhood
But we can be replete
Content in those pauses for rest
In the stillness
Between gathering inwards
And giving outwards
In companionship with others
Doing the same
In variable rhythms
With whom we can join
From whom we can depart
In musical consonance
And dissonance
As we dwell in diverse communion
Suffused all the while
By the receptive grace
In omnipresent space
That opens the way
For us to be here
In the first place

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Radiant Receptivity

To be a Guiding Light of Life Radiating into Darkness One needs to Receive the Light of Life From out of Darkness Into Flowing, Flowering

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