So far as any of us alive can tell
In any language
There is One reality
One Nature of Infinite extent
Which has two intangible aspects
Receptive spatial stillness and responsive energetic motion
That together make a third
Tangible aspect
Which manifests in two kinds of material form
Grading into and out from each other
Responsive and Receptive
Yang and Yin
Male and Female
Animal and Vegetable
Acid and Base
Metal and Nonmetal
Name them what you will
This is Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Spirituality
Not to mention Mathematics
Combined in conscious ecological awareness of unconscious source
As Living Art
Here is simple human understanding
Knowing what we and all are made from
Continuously co-evolving
An end to needless opposition
Between abstracted, partial views
Each denying the other’s truth
A beginning of I-opening
Into one another’s heart

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Radiant Receptivity

To be a Guiding Light of Life Radiating into Darkness One needs to Receive the Light of Life From out of Darkness Into Flowing, Flowering

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