The Scrapheap

‘You don’t want to end up here’
My father said
With mournful eyes
After years of striving
To make his mark
Undermined by lack of dare
In a world where reckless wins
And caution misses out
I took his words to heart
As I set out on my way
To bring some light to fading day
Striving in my turn
To do some good in rotten world
Not holding back
Despite my fear of failure
Now, here I am
After years of striving
To make my contribution
Deep in this pile of broken promises
Undermined by lack of snare
In a world where Authority figures
And birthing ground’s missed out
While all and sundry turn a blind eye
To what gets up their noses
And the gurus tell me
For my piece of mind
To forget where I’ve been
And where I might go
Just live in the Now
In this residue from sacred cow

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‘Stitches in Time’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2020)

Stitching in Time

Every moment is a turning point In ever-present current Carrying life across the gaps In human memory From future into past Without a pause for

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