This Isn’t What I Wanted

This Isn’t What I Wanted
When I started on this quest
To find my self and loved ones
Excluded from the rest
That comes from mellow fruitfulness
Before the fall
When all’s been said and done
This isn’t what we wanted
When rapt within each other
We dreamt of being mother
And father of life to come
In joyful springs of welcome
But found ourselves instead
In downcast depths of mourning
Pondering what went wrong
In the middle of our song
That left us stranded here
From tidal waves of fear
Washed up, washed out
Struggling for breath
Between slabs of concrete thought
Dividing or uniting
Into parts and wholes
Dissipating or stifling
The flames of common passion
That bloom from holes in hearts
Receptive and responsive
To what brings life to love
In co-creative yearning
But if you ask me
Would I rather be
He than me
Them than us
There than here
That than this
Whiter than white
Cleaner than clean
Pure as the driven snow
Then I’ll have to say
Quite honestly
The answer’s no
Not if that’s what it takes
To be successful

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