To Be a Natural Pilgrim

To be a natural pilgrim
Is to be a disciple of natural truth
Not a follower of fashion
Or adherent of false Authority
Laying down the Law of Contradiction
That makes a paradox of life
As it is lived and loved
Quite naturally

To be a natural pilgrim
Is to be a true scientist
Awake to the reality of your actual experience
Not living the dream of false dichotomy
Between subject and object
Beloved of scientism

To be a natural pilgrim
Takes moral courage
That no discouragement
Can make you once relent
Your first, avowed intent
To be a natural pilgrim

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‘Stitches in Time’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2020)

Stitching in Time

Every moment is a turning point In ever-present current Carrying life across the gaps In human memory From future into past Without a pause for

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