Unbroken Movement

So, you want to know
The meaning of ‘Flow’
As the meaning of ‘Life’
Transcending all strife
Around and between all bodily form
As standard deviations from idealized norm
Well, the answer’s quite clear
If you don’t hold so dear
To the notion
That motion
Is something forced from outside
The swell of the tide
In infinitesimal units of length
Mistaken for strength
By calculus mind
Unprepared to be kind
In a world it perceives
To be nothing but leaves
In a book made to measure
The size of our treasure
Flow is unbroken movement
In unbroken time
In unbroken space
Around and between receptive centres of grace –
This limitless, soft stillness,
Which we cannot sever
Then, now, or forever
With any hard edginess
That seeks to rule and divide
The place where we hide
From where we belong
In the heart of our song

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Radiant Receptivity

To be a Guiding Light of Life Radiating into Darkness One needs to Receive the Light of Life From out of Darkness Into Flowing, Flowering

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