Webs and Flows

Beware the pitfalls of those tales you hear
Spread in silken words
From ear to ear
Of smiley faces
That speak of webs and nets and weaving fabrics
As clothes for wholes and parts
Defined by ties that bind
In constant fixture
Interconnecting this and that
As stony jewels in Indra’s palace
For, as every hungry spider knows
A web’s not a flow
But a trap for unwary travellers
To get stuck in gridlock
Awaiting Godot
In creeping paralysis
Not vibrant life
That’s never completed
But passes on
From here to here
In continuous channels
So when you hear
Those stories being told
Just remember
The Art of Life
Is not to be a stifled part of it
But to take one’s turn
To be included
In the flow that liberates
While coming and going
In rhythmic circulations

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‘Stitches in Time’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2020)

Stitching in Time

Every moment is a turning point In ever-present current Carrying life across the gaps In human memory From future into past Without a pause for

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