The confluence of classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water via a zero-point at their vertical-horizontal intersection, enables the emergence of a Passiflora vine, symbolizing the natural inclusion of Love in Life. Over the millennia, ideological battles have commonly resulted from perceptions of reality that are either exclusively ‘subjective’ or ‘objective’, depending on whether the standpoint is inside or outside what is being perceived. By orienting both inwardly and outwardly towards and from a central point of dynamically embodied space, Natural Inclusionality brings both inner depth and outer breadth fluidly together in a fully comprehensible philosophy that truly appreciates the mutually inclusive, receptive responsive relationship between space and energy in all material forms.

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footprints on cement

Achilles Heal

A gap breathed space Into the fortress Of a soul walled in By dreaming of Absolute security In its individual completeness Elevated above some baseline

Holding Openness — light as a dynamic natural inclusion of darkness continually brings an endless diversity of flow-form to life (Oil painting on canvas by myself, 2005)

The Natural Inclusion of Difference

Swirls within Swirls and Variations Around a Central Theme How do you feel about the uniqueness of your self-identity? Do you feel pride or shame?

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