Achilles Heal

A gap breathed space
Into the fortress
Of a soul walled in
By dreaming of Absolute security
In its individual completeness

Elevated above some baseline standard
Of soles firmly planted
At odds with one as another
In foundations of quicksand
Set fast in cement

How quickly this dreaming
Would fade
In less than a lifeline
Of certain anchorage

When doubt made its fearful question
Of presence felt
In a blow below the belt
That crippled unbending fixture
Into sharply wrought relief

Curved into some new and ancient
Where no One could still compete
When stilled by its own completeness
Of idolized concrete

Inviolate to all but its own violation
Of unfelt presence
So deeply disconcerted
By no sense of nonsense
In the absence of its motherhood

Through which to find communion
From sole to soul
By proud pretension

A humility restored
To Faith in individual failure
As sure and omnipresent sign
Of love in human nature

Opening all ways
To unending Recreation
In the very Shadow of Tragedy
The Community Play of Foolish Genius

Beyond restrictive lessons
In Schools of Guilty Thought
That burden the bleating Heart
With endless ways to blame and shame
By reserving the right for One Alone
To claim superiority

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