About Occurrity

At Occurrity, we are passionate and compassionate in raising awareness of how natural inclusion makes clear and comprehensive sense of our actual life experience, regardless of cultural or societal background. We believe natural inclusion heals, inspires, challenges, and offers hope. The Occurrity Community nurtures a generative form of communicating through art, science, writing and discussions. We present a reimagined vision of all actual occurrences, away from the static box-framed thinking of "what is, currently" to the fluid dynamic understanding of "what's occurring." 


To awaken an understanding of natural inclusion as the evolutionary process through which all material form comes into being and diversifies as a co-creation of space and energy in receptive ~ responsive relationship.


Growing an ensembled community of like-minded people by combining individual distinctiveness with group belonging. We create, nurture, and sustain a globally inclusive culture.


Learning is an evolutionary process of cumulative acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding through discovery and instruction. Natural Inclusion teaches us to better understand the relationship between space, time, energy and matter.


An unconditional, welcoming, nurturing, receptive acceptance of life. Creating communication channels and traveling flow-forms. We view life as an expression of natural energy flow in open space, not a competition in a closed box.

Creating a Sustainable Culture of Diversity and Inclusion.

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meet the team

David Peleshok
Curator, Writer, Poet, Web Designer, Marketing Strategist, and Itinerant Tradesman.
Candace Bowers
Student, Writer, Marketing Specialist, and Social Media Coordinator.
Matthew Bushell
Therapeutic Coach, Writer, Speaker, Helping People and Cultures to Flourish.