About Us

At Occurrity we are passionate and compassionate in raising awareness of how natural inclusion makes clear and comprehensive sense of our actual life experience, regardless of cultural or societal background. We believe natural inclusion heals, inspires, challenges, and offers hope. Through art, science and communication we present a reimagined vision of all actual occurrence from the static box-framed thinking of “what is, currently” to the fluid dynamic understanding of “what’s occurring”. 


Growing an ensembled community of like-minded people by combining individual distinctiveness with group belonging.


To awaken an understanding of Natural Inclusion as the evolutionary process through which all material form comes into being and diversifies as a co-creation of space and energy in receptive responsive relationship.

From unNatural Selection to Natural Inclusion

Sustainability of the Fitting

Natural Inclusion is a fundamental evolutionary process, evident from our actual life experience, which both inverts and radically expands beyond Darwin’s abstract concept of ‘Natural Selection’, which he called ‘the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life’. We can become aware of Natural Inclusion when we view life as an expression of natural energy flow in open space, not a competition in a closed box. 

Three Aspects of Love

Which signify the deep, abiding relationship between Female, Male and Offspring.


The unconditional, welcoming, nurturing receptive acceptance of life in all its guises by ‘world Soul‘.


The responsive, passionate, living Spirit of natural energy flow within and between all natural forms.


The Bodily companionship of each within the other’s compassionate reach.

Receptive yearning and responsive passion

Flow Geometry


A basic principle of this geometry is that energy naturally circulates around local, zero-point centers of space, creating residential flow-forms that resist movement out of place, and pulses along linear trajectories from one locality to another, creating communication channels and travelling flow-forms.

Crucial Distinctions

When a derivative measure is confused or conflated with the naturally continuous presence, needless complication and paradoxical reasoning occur. When space and energy are understood as primary natural presences that embody material form, the origin of natural patterns, processes and relationships becomes simple and non-paradoxical to understand.

Space as a natural infinite presence of intangible stillness.

Place as a distinct locality. 

Distance as a derivative measure of the length of travel between one place and another.

Energy as a natural presence of continuous flux. 

Force as a derivative measure of the transfer of energy from one locality to another.

Matter as a local embodiment of space in energy.

Mass as a derivative measure of the amount of material.

Time as a natural inclusion of continuous flux.

Time elapsed as a derivative measure of the interval between one occurrence and another.

Alan Rayner

Evolutionary ecologist, painter, author, and poet born in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Alan Rayner obtained his BA and PhD at Kings College, Cambridge in early 1970’s. He’s a former president of the British Mycological Society as well as the Bath Natural History Society. Dr. Rayner was a Reader in Biology at the University of Bath from 1985 – 2011. Since the year 2000, Alan has been pioneering awareness of ‘natural inclusion’ the evolutionary process through which all natural substance comes into being and diversifies as flow-forms. Dr. Rayner’s has been expressing this awareness through his art for over fifty years using oils, acrylics, watercolors and inks on a variety of surfaces. He has acquired a colorful, technically unrefined, symbolic style in order to depict imaginary scenes that would come into mind ‘out of the blue’ drawing inspiration from the natural world. 

David Peleshok

Curator, writer, poet, and itinerant tradesman born in Oshawa, Canada and raised in Inverness, Florida. Mr. Peleshok obtained a BS in Biology from the University of Central Florida and a MS in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Kentucky. For the past ten years, David has been finding creative and explorative ways of introducing natural inclusional thinking to a wide variety of audiences. 

Candace Bowers

Student, cosmetologist, and writer born in Crystal River, Florida. Candace is studying Creative Writing and the Russian language at Columbia University in the City of New York. Candace is a freelance writer for ecommerce platforms and a digital marketing strategist.