A Void Dance

When we imagine
That what’s inside
Exists only outside
Our mortal bodies
As a frightful surround –
A dumping ground
Of fathomless void…

Our lives shrink
Into isolated, inconsequential grains
Like sand whipped up
Into fearful storm
Each striving to regain
Its lost significance
Through individual gathering
Of collective power
Connected together in harnessed compliance
While avoiding what brings
Each into becoming
What it is in the first place

When we know in our hearts
That what exists inside
Exists also outside
Our vibrant bodies
As a receptive surround
Enveloping our unsealed envelopes
Around the invitation
Deep within
To come inside, love

Our hearts swell to take in
All that is within reach
Of our outstretched minds

Avoidance of what life depends upon
To find expression
Becomes a void dance –
Energy pulsing and circulating
Between and around
Our bodies’ hollow centres
Keeping us on the move
Holding us in silent stillness
Accepting us for what we are
Both stirred and at rest

arid confrontation alan rayner occurrity
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