Achilles Heal

A gap breathed space Into the fortress Of a soul walled in By dreaming of Absolute security In its individual completeness Elevated above some baseline standard Of soles firmly planted At odds with one as another In foundations of quicksand Set fast in cement How quickly this dreaming Would fade In less than a lifeline […]

A Simple Message

A simple message breathes into Mind. Immerse your Self in the Receptive Stillness of Space, Within Life,

As the Wind Blows Through Me

I am that empty tortoise shell This resonating chamber Made receptive by hollowing out, Which opens up when troubled or awakened By Apollo’s certain put-me-downs To let the wind blow through me As his lips play upon my voice Vibrating my heart strings In empathic response Making music, Making verse, Making Art, Or, something worse […]

A Void Dance

arid confrontation alan rayner occurrity

When we imagine That what’s inside Exists only outside Our mortal bodies As a frightful surround – A dumping ground Of fathomless void… Our lives shrink Into isolated, inconsequential grains Like sand whipped up Into fearful storm Each striving to regain Its lost significance Through individual gathering Of collective power Connected together in harnessed compliance […]

Beneath The Surface of the See

  What happens When what you see Doesn’t stop At the surface of what you see? When all around Extends within Taking its bounty Within sight unsound To be turned around In spinning dance And returned once more Beyond the core That place within the mirror’s surface Where all reflection Is no deflection But recollection […]

Broken Tree Shelters

Broken tree shelters Split and cast aside By growing bodies That they had been set in place

Busyness, As Usual

He looked up at me, with dulled, mournful eyes Torn momentarily from his job in hand By my tacit intrusion ‘What do you want?’ He asked ‘I want you to see through what you’re doing’ I replied ‘So that you can have a life Beyond your passing of time from cradle to grave Where you […]

Catching the Sun

  Where would the sun be With no where to catch its rays And spin them into Life Throbbing in receptive bodies Responsive to warmth Conveyed in light too deep in shade For human eyes to see? Where would we be Without a place to call our home Receptive to influx Responsive to neighbours Each […]

Channel Number Five

channel number five alan rayner occurrity

Come on you Two Won’t you fuse with us Three So that we no longer have to be Rivals? In an Olympic Golden Sovereignty Of One on either side of offence That makes you over Into binary opposition An oddly singular couple Of thrust and counter-thrust In action and reaction That denies the even handedness […]

Child of Reason

I feel I cannot think Of My Self alone As wise For there can be no wise One alone I am not wise I am a child of suffering Whose childful yearning Is to lighten the load Imposed by those who goad Us on our way By means of fearful refutation Of all that they […]